Trusted Professionals (Attorneys, Accountants, Agents & Managers)

Busy high net worth Individuals and families tend to rely on the counsel of their most trusted professional advisors to help identify potential Wealth Managers, or to help clarify their wealth management relationships.

While many such professionals often have lists of preferred, "go-to" advisors that they may recommend, they usually will not make specific, expert recommendations, due to the potential for damage to their existing relationship and credibility.

WealthGuard actively works with such trusted professionals, who regularly introduce us to their clients so WealthGuard can provide what he or she cannot: specifically, the expert, efficient, identification, and rigorous vetting of potential candidates to determine the optimal wealth management relationship for each client.

WealthGuard is passionate about helping high net worth families identify truly ethical, transparent wealth managers with established, successful records and strong support systems from the morass of less qualified pretenders.

Whatever the complexity of the assignment, from an audit of an existing advisor to a comprehensive search for a new wealth manager, WealthGuard helps our clients efficiently and expertly clarify the opaque world of wealth management.

WealthGuard is dedicated to helping our clients identify and select elite financial advisors that are most appropriate to each client. We believe that our services can be even more valuable when strategically deployed in concert with a high net worth family's trusted advisors. Additionally, we believe WealthGuard's services benefit these trusted advisors, by delivering to their clients an extra level of expert strategy, analysis and oversight to their clients' financial well being.

In addition to evaluating and recommending financial advisors, we work on behalf of clients to ensure their investment fees are fair and reasonable given the specifics of their situation.

WealthGuard also offers ongoing monitoring of clients wealth manager relationships to ensure performance and fees remain aligned with a client's stated strategy. This includes our participation, as an independent expert third party, in quarterly investment reviews with wealth managers.

Our clients are often referred to WealthGuard by their most trusted advisors, including attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, managers or agents.

These trusted advisors are usually able to provide their clients with a list of approved advisors, but are understandably reluctant to make a specific recommendation, or assist their clients in making a properly educated, vetted decision.