Life In A Box

Simplify Your Financial Picture

Life In a Box® allows you to see everything you own in one place, be it at the office, on a flight, even at the coffee shop while you wait in line. See a video on how to get your financial life organized

Security and Safety of Life In A Box

Non-transactional, Certified Hacker safe technology is but a fraction of the precautions e-Money Advisor™ takes to safeguard your information. WealthGuard has partnered with e-Money in licensing the service to us. They offer 256-bit security encryption that is also used by banks and institutions. It is much safer to protect your information when logging into one portal, instead of multiple individual sites, especially when your financial privacy is concerned.

Get Life In A Box ®

Contact us now for your complimentary free upload and consultation of ‘Life in a Box’. Using the latest technology this personalized financial tool will consolidate all of your financial data, making your accounts accessible and easy to manage.

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