Who We Serve


Success in managing a business can be as complex, stressful, and difficult as managing one's investments. That is why successful businessmen and businesswomen deserve a higher caliber of wealth manager with broader experience, deeper knowledge, and superior expertise, ranging from single-stock risk management, sophisticated investment solutions, lending, and comprehensive planning solutions, amongst other specialties.

WealthGuard intimately understands the demands of today's high net worth executive and can help match you with the top advisers in the nation while keenly watching the bottom line when monitoring performance, fees, and overall process. WealthGuard knows the management and oversight of high net worth individuals' investment accounts and advisers is a business in itself, we make this our business so busy entrepreneurs and executives can more successfully run their own.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Advisor Assessment
  • Advisor Search
  • Forensic Portfolio Analysis
  • Forensic Fee Analysis
  • Portfolio Oversight