Who We Serve


Big breaks aren’t meant to be broken. For actors, agents, writers or directors, Hollywood's big breaks can be sudden & financially significant. Too often advisors give ill-informed advice, recommend failed investment opportunities, and charge fees that seem to only benefit themselves or their firm.

WealthGuard doesn’t sell investments - just pure, objective oversight to help find, rate, rank, and vet the best advisors available. We understand the needs and limitations of the busy Hollywood lifestyle, so our consultants explain in simple terms how their wealth managers and advisors are performing, the risk they are taking to get there, and whether they merit the fees they charge. WealthGuard is here to help ensure that the big break in one's career sustains a lifetime.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Advisor Assessment
  • Advisor Search
  • Forensic Portfolio Analysis
  • Forensic Fee Analysis
  • Portfolio Oversight