Corporate Services

Corporate Consulting, Employee Benefits & Education

WealthGuard offers bespoke consulting services to corporate clients, focusing on emerging growth companies nearing a liquidity event. Acquisitions or IPO's can dramatically increase employee wealth, but can also lower their focus during the critical period leading up to such an important event.

Concerns about how to create a wealth management strategy and how to select an appropriate wealth manager cause a loss of employee "mind share." Financial advisors and wealth managers subject these employees to non-stop marketing efforts intent on capturing new accounts, but most newly wealthy individuals don’t have the acumen to differentiate those potential advisors (let alone to rigorously vet and select the best among them). This decision is usually made based on marketing prowess rather than performance or skill.

WealthGuard provides a working knowledge of wealth management through company-wide educational programs, tools and resources. With our WealthMatch consulting service we assist each employee in creating a long-term wealth management plan and selecting the optimal, appropriate wealth manager at a fair fee basis. Additionally, we offer each employee monitoring and oversight through our consulting service to ensure each employee's new advisory teams are executing the wealth management strategy in alignment with each client's stated goals, at agreed upon fees.

WealthGuard's corporate services enhance employee well-being, financial responsibility, knowledge and security, while also minimizing "mind share" loss during your company's most critical times.