Who We Serve


Taking 25 years of Wall Street experience to the Bay Area, WealthGuard is tailor-made for start-ups from New York to Silicon Valley and beyond. Executives taking a company public or through a merger, do so because they’ve been successful. It often means a life-changing liquidity event for them, and countless solicitations by advisors and brokers.

WealthGuard doesn’t represent financial advisors, brokers, or any banking institution, and doesn’t solicit capital. We offer unbiased oversight to finding the right advisor by acting as a gatekeeper to field those calls and proposals from wealth managers. We provide a "short list" of the best candidates based on your needs and expectations, saving you time, resources, and ultimately helping you choose the best advisor. WealthGuard's unbiased search and pricing for the most compatible financial advisor makes this decision - out of so many for the corporate executive - an easy one.

Company employees are also targeted by advisor solicitations, and they too need an advocate helping them navigate their newfound wealth. The time and focus taken by employees to search for, find, and price financial advisors is time taken from the invaluable work they bring to your company. WealthGuard also helps protect and guide key employees during these important company milestones.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Advisor Assessment
  • Advisor Search
  • Forensic Portfolio Analysis
  • Forensic Fee Analysis
  • Portfolio Oversight