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Signing a lucrative contract with a professional sports franchise is an important day in the life of any athlete: it’s the achievement of both personal and financial goals. But earning a big-money deal without the experience needed to protect it has caused many athletes - even some of the highest profile - to find themselves near the end of their career with nothing left.

From indebted friends and family with 'investment opportunities' to imprudent or unethical financial advisors and wealth managers, many opportunists view an athlete's combination of newfound wealth and financial inexperience as their own lottery ticket.

WealthGuard offers guidance to rookies and seasoned veterans alike without the conflict of interest so often tied to the financial advice they suddenly get after draft day. WealthGuard ensures the financially inexperienced athlete is not being overcharged by underperforming advisors, and provides the vigilance needed to safeguard their financial security from draft day to retirement and beyond.

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  • Advisor Assessment
  • Advisor Search
  • Forensic Portfolio Analysis
  • Forensic Fee Analysis
  • Portfolio Oversight